Yellowjackets (album)

Yellowjackets is a self-titled debut album by the American jazz group Yellowjackets issued in June 1981 by Warner Bros. Records.[2] The album reached No. 16 on the Billboard Jazz Albums chart.[3]

Yellowjackets- Yellowjackets.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedJune 1981
StudioWarner Bros. Recording Studios (North Hollywood, CA).
GenreJazz Fusion, Smooth Jazz
ProducerTommy LiPuma
Yellowjackets chronology
Mirage a Trois
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars[1]


Track listing

1."Matinee Idol"Russell Ferrante5:08
2."Imperial Strut"Ferrante5:25
3."Sittin' In It"Ricky Lawson, Bobby Lyle5:06
4."Rush Hour"Ferrante, Robben Ford5:13
5."The Hornet"Jimmy Haslip, Ferrante5:29
6."Priscilla"Haslip, Ford, Chris Palmaro5:11
7."It's Almost Gone"Ferrante6:00



Additional musicians



  • Producer – Tommy LiPuma
  • Rhythm Tracks recorded by Lee Herschberg
  • Additional Recording – Stuart Gitlin and Al Schmitt
  • Assistant Engineer – Stuart Gitlin
  • Mixed by Al Schmitt at Capitol Studios (Hollywood, California).
  • Mix Assistant – Don Henderson
  • Mastered by Mike Reese at The Mastering Lab (Hollywood, California).
  • Production Coordinator – Noel Newbolt
  • Art Direction and Design – Simon Levy
  • Logo Design – Mike Manoogian
  • Illustration – J. Daniel Chapman


Chart (1981) Peak
Billboard Jazz Albums[3] 16
Billboard 200 201


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