Carlos Montemayor

Carlos Montemayor (June 13, 1947 in Parral, Chihuahua – February 28, 2010 in Mexico City) was a Mexican novelist, poet, essayist, literary critic, tenor, political analyst, and promoter of contemporary literature written in indigenous languages. He was a Member of the Mexican Academy of the Language.

Carlos Montemayor in 2009.

Montemayor died of stomach cancer on February 28, 2010.[1]


Awards and honors



  • Mal de piedra (Blood relations, 1980)
  • Minas del retorno (Gambusino, 1982)
  • Guerra en el paraíso (1997)
  • Los informes secretos (1999)
  • Las armas del alba (2003)
  • La fuga (2007)


  • Las llaves de Urgell (1971)
  • El alba y otros cuentos (1986)
  • Operativo en el trópico (1994)
  • Cuentos gnósticos (1997)
  • La tormenta y otras historias (1999)


  • Las armas del viento (1977)
  • Abril y otros poemas (1979)
  • Finisterra (Finisterra and other poems, 1982)
  • Abril y otras estaciones (1989)
  • Poesía (1977-1996) (1997)
  • Antología personal (2001)
  • Apuntes del exilio (2010)


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