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Cassette may refer to:


  • Cassette tape (or musicassette, audio cassette, cassette tape, or tape), a worldwide standard for analog audio recording and playback
    • Cassette single (or "Cassingle"), a music single in the form of a cassette tape
  • Digital Audio Tape (or DAT), a digital audio cassette tape format, mainly used by professionals
  • Digital Compact Cassette (or DCC), a short-lived digital audio cassette format aimed at domestic users
  • Videocassette, a cassette containing videotape, for use in VCRs
  • Data cassette, the magnetic tape in plastic housing



  • Benny Cassette, American record producer, singer, and songwriter
  • Rafa Casette (sometimes misspelled as Rafa Cassette or Rafa Casete, born 1965), Spanish actor and singer

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