Confederación Sudamericana de Voleibol

Confederación Sudamericana de Voleibol (CSV) or Portuguese Confederação Sul-americana de Voleibol is the continental governing body for the sport of volleyball in South America. Its headquarters is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Confederación Sudamericana de Voleibol
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TypeSports organisation
HeadquartersBrazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
12 member associations
Official language
Spanish and Portuguese
Colombia Rafael Lloreda
Parent organization



The CSV's origins are still under dispute. Some argue it was founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 12, 1946; some, that it was founded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on July 3 of the same year. Either way, it was formed even before the FIVB itself, and stands as the oldest of all volleyball continental confederations.

Up to now (2004), the CSV has had a total of eight presidents, all but one from national federations with some volleyball tradition at a certain point in history: Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia, which is the exception. Following the election of the current president, Brazilian Mr. Ary Graça Filho, in 2003 the headquarters were relocated from Lima, Peru to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The CSV presides over national volleyball federations located in South America and organizes continental competitions such as the South American Men's Volleyball Championship (first edition, 1951) and the Pan American Games, sometimes in conjunction with the FIVB and with other confederations, notably NORCECA with whom CSV co-organises the Pan-American tournaments. It also takes part in the organization of qualification tournaments for major events such as the Olympic Games or the men's and women's World Championships, and of international competitions hosted by one of its affiliated federations.[1]


Lately, the only national South American federation with expressive results in international competitions is Brazil, which maintains intensive development programs for men's and women's volleyball.

Argentina has some tradition in men's volleyball, but it has shown unmistakable signs of decline: in recent years, Venezuela has been constantly threatening to take its long held position as the second volleyball force of the continent. However, Argentina is still one of the dominant forces in Men's volleyball.

With a silver medal at the Seoul Olympic Games, Peru had a very strong women's volleyball team in the 1980s. Its level of play has nevertheless dropped after the retirement of superstar players like Cecilia Tait, Natalia Málaga, Rosa García and Gabriela Pérez del Solar. Nevertheless, Peru is still a respectively good team, and one of the main forces of the continent.

In recent years, the Junior and Youth categories in both boys and girls categories have started to shine in the CSV; as with their senior teams, Brazil in one of the world main forces in Junior and Youth categories but Argentina and Peru have started to shine in the Boys and Girls category respectively; after the I Youth Olympic Games where Argentinean boys got silver and Peruvian girls took bronze, Argentina claimed the top spot and Peru the third spot at the FIVB World Rankings.[2]

Affiliated federations

As of 2020, the following national federations were affiliated to the CSV:

Code Country Federation
ARG  Argentina Federación Argentina de Voleibol
BOL  Bolivia Federación Boliviana de Voleibol
BRA  Brazil Confederação Brasileira de Voleibol
CHI  Chile Federación de Voleibol de Chile
COL  Colombia Federación Colombiana de Voleibol
ECU  Ecuador Federación Ecuatoriana de Voleibol
GUF Flag of French Guiana.svg French Guiana Ligue de Guiane de Volley-Ball
GUY  Guyana Guyana Volleyball Federation
PAR  Paraguay Federación Paraguaya de Voleibol
PER  Peru Federación Peruana de Voleibol
URU  Uruguay Federación Uruguaya de Voleibol
VEN  Venezuela Federación Venezolana de Voleibol


Organised entirely by CSV



Current champions

(M / W)
U23 Championship
(M / W)
Junior Championship
(M / W)
Youth Championship
(M / W)
Child Championship
(M / W)
Club Championship
(M / W)
Men  Brazil (2019)  Brazil (2016)  Brazil (2018)  Brazil (2018)  Argentina (2014) Brazil Sada Cruzeiro (2020)
Women  Brazil (2019)  Brazil (2016)  Brazil (2018)  Argentina (2018)  Chile (2019) Brazil Camponesa/Minas (2020)

Organised alongside NORCECA



Current champions

Senior Pan-American Cup
(M / W)
U23 Pan-American Cup
(M / W)
Junior Pan-American Cup
(M / W)
Youth Pan-American Cup
(M / W)
Men  Cuba (2019)  Cuba (2018)  Cuba (2019)  Cuba (2019)
Women  United States (2019)  Dominican Republic (2018)  Cuba (2019)  Peru (2019)

Beach Tournaments


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