Kunan Kiribati

"Kunan Kiribati" (English: "'Song of Kiribati"; in Gilbertese: Kunan Kiribati, “Song of Kiribati”, also known with the first verse Teirake kaaini Kiribati) is the national anthem of Kiribati. It was by written and composed by Ioteba Tamuera Uriam and adopted on 12 July 1979. Its lyrics were confirmed as per Schedule 3 of the National Identity Act 1989.[1]

Kunan Kiribati
English: Song of Kiribati
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National anthem of  Kiribati
LyricsIoteba Tamuera Uriam
MusicIoteba Tamuera Uriam
Adopted12 July 1979
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Performed By US Navy Band


  • Tempo: Andante M.I = 108
  • Title: Kunan Kiribati (“Song of Kiribati”)


(E oteaki man koreaki taekana iroun I. T. Uriam MBE)

Teirake kaaini Kiribati, Anene ma te kakatonga,
Tauraoi nakon te mwioko, Ma ni buokia aomata.
Tauaninne nte raoiroi, Tangiria aomata nako.
Tauaninne nte raoiroi, Tangiria aomata.
Reken te kabaia ma te rau, Ibuakoia kaain abara,
Bon reken te nano ae banin, Ma te i-tangitangiri naba.
Ma ni wakina te kabaia, Ma n neboa i eta abara.
Ma ni wakina te kabaia, Ma n neboa abara.
Ti butiko ngkoe Atuara, Kawakinira ao kairira,
Nakon taai aika i maira, Buokira ni baim ae akoi.
Kakabaia ara Tautaeka, Ma ake a makuri iai.
Kakabaia ara Tautaeka, Ma aomata ni bane.


Stand up, People of Kiribati!
Sing with jubilation!
Prepare to accept responsibility
And to help each other!
Be steadfastly righteous!
Love all our people!
Be steadfastly righteous!
Love all our people!

The attainment of contentment
And peace by our people
Will be achieved when all our hearts beat as one,
Love two another!
Promote happiness and unity!
Love one another!
Promote happiness and unity!

We beseech You, O God, To protect and lead us
In the days to come.
Help us with Your loving hand.
Bless our Government and all our people!
Bless our Government and all our people!


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