Jüri Mõis

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Jüri Mõis (born 25 October 1956 in Pärnu) is an Estonian politician and businessman, who was mayor of Tallinn between 1999 and 2001, and who was the Minister of the Interior between 25 March and 5 November 1999. He is one of the three founders of Hansapank.[1]

Jüri Mõis
Minister of the Interior
In office
25 March 1999 – 5 November 1999
Prime MinisterMart Laar
Preceded byOlari Taal
Succeeded byTarmo Loodus
Personal details
Born25 October 1956 (age 64)
Pärnu, Estonia


  1. ^ Ingus Berzins. "Are Your Pockets Bulging?" . The Baltic Course. Retrieved 2010-12-26.
Political offices
Preceded by
Olari Taal
Minister of the Interior
25 March 1999 – 5 November 1999
Succeeded by
Tarmo Loodus
Preceded by
Peeter Lepp
Mayor of Tallinn
November 1999 – June 2001
Succeeded by
Tõnis Palts


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