The Bzura is a river in central Poland, a tributary of the Vistula river (in Wyszogród), with a length of 173 kilometres and a basin area of 7,764 km2.[1] It was noteworthy during the Second World War as Polish forces made a major stand against the Wehrmacht in an attempt to halt the German advance on Warsaw (Battle of the Bzura).

Kozlow Biskupi Bzura01.jpg
The Bzura in Kozłów Biskupi
Mouth of the Bzura on the map of Poland
Physical characteristics
 • location
 • coordinates
Length173 km (107 mi)
Basin size7,764 km2 (2,998 sq mi)
 • average28.6 m3/s (1,010 cu ft/s)
Basin features
ProgressionVistulaBaltic Sea


Towns and townships

Right tributaries

  • Linda
  • Moszczenica
  • Mroga
  • Struga
  • Bobrówka
  • Skierniewka
  • Rawka
  • Pisia
  • Sucha
  • Utrata
  • Łasica

Left tributaries

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