Clearance can refer to:


Finance and trade

Intellectual property

Other uses in finance and trade

  • Cheque clearing, the process of transferring value on a cheque from one bank account to another
    • The activity of a Clearing house (finance) where a variety of financial instruments are cleared through the issuing institution
  • Customs clearance, in international trade, the movement of goods through customs barriers
  • Market clearing or equilibrium price, the price at which quantity supplied is equal to quantity demanded
  • Closeout (sale), in retail, the final sale of items to zero inventory

Other uses

  • Authorization or permission from an authority
  • Clearance (pharmacology), the rate at which a substance is removed or cleared from the body by the kidneys or in renal dialysis
  • Clearance rate, in criminal justice, the number of crimes "cleared" divided by the number reported
  • Deforestation, the deliberate clearance of woodland or forest for human development
  • A chess term for removal of pieces from a rank, file or diagonal so that a bishop, rook or queen is free to move along it
  • The Highland Clearances, eviction of tenants in the Scottish Highlands during the 18th and 19th centuries
  • The Lowland Clearances, eviction of tenants as part of the Scottish Agricultural Revolution in the Scottish Lowlands
  • In Australian rules football, the clearing of the ball out of a ball-up situation

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