Chlorine (2015 film)

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Chlorine (Italian: Cloro) is a 2015 drama film written and directed by Lamberto Sanfelice and starring Sara Serraiocco. It was entered into the World Cinema Dramatic competition at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.[1][2] Sanfelice was nominated for Best New Director at the 2015 David di Donatello Awards.[3]

Directed byLamberto Sanfelice
Written byElisa Amoruso
Sara Lazzaro
Lamberto Sanfelice
Produced byGinevra Elkann
Damiano Ticconi
StarringSara Serraiocco
CinematographyMichele Paradisi
Music byPiernicola Di Muro
Release date
  • 26 January 2015 (SFF)
Running time
98 minutes



Girl, who dreams to be a synchronized swimmer, puts her training on hold when she has to take care of her little brother and sick father after her mother suddenly dies.


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