Edward Boxer

Edward Boxer CB (Dover, 27 February 1784 – Balaklava, 4 June 1855) was an officer of the Royal Navy. He served during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, and died during the Crimean War with the rank of rear-admiral.

Edward Boxer
Died4 June 1855
Aboard Jason, off Balaklava
AllegianceUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Service/branchRoyal Navy
Years of service1798–1855
Commands heldHMS Sparrowhawk
HMS Hussar
HMS Pique
AwardsCompanion of the Bath


Boxer entered the navy in July 1798. After eight years' junior service, mostly with Captain Charles Brisbane, and for some short time in the 98-gun HMS Ocean, Lord Collingwood's flagship, he was confirmed, on 8 June 1807, as lieutenant of HMS Tigre with Captain Benjamin Hallowell (later Carew). Hallowell was promoted to flag rank in October 1811, and Boxer followed him to HMS Malta; and continued, with short intermissions, under Rear-Admiral Hallowell's immediate command, until he was confirmed as commander on 1 March 1815.

In 1822 he commanded the 18-gun HMS Sparrowhawk on the Halifax, Nova Scotia station in Canada and was posted out of her on 23 June 1823. From 1827 to 1830 he commanded HMS Hussar as flag-captain to Sir Charles Ogle at Halifax.

In August 1837 Boxer was appointed to HMS Pique, which he commanded on the North American and West Indian stations; and early in 1840, during the Oriental Crisis, he was sent to the Mediterranean, where he conducted the survey of the position afterwards occupied by the fleet off Acre, and took part in the bombardment and reduction of that place in November. For his services at that time he received the Turkish gold medal, and was made Companion of the Bath on 18 December 1840. In August 1843 he was appointed harbour-master at Quebec City, and held that office till his promotion to flag-rank on 5 March 1853.

In December 1854 Edward Boxer was appointed second in command in the Mediterranean, and undertook the duties of superintendent at Balaklava in the Crimean War. This involved responsibility for inadequate harbour facilities that were heavily used. Boxer died of cholera on board the Jason, just outside the harbour, on 4 June 1855.


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