Pointe du Raz

The Pointe du Raz is a promontory that extends into the Atlantic from western Brittany, in France.

lighthouses near Pointe du Raz
Pointe du Raz

The local Breton name is Beg ar Raz. It is the western point of the commune of Plogoff, Finistère.

Pointe du Raz seen from Spot Satellite.

It is named after the Raz de Sein, the dangerous stretch of water between it and the island of Sein (Enez Sun in Breton). It is a dramatic place of crashing waves and strong winds. The word raz was borrowed from Norman by the Bretons and shares the same etymology as the English word race, "strong current of water"; both are from Old Norse rás. It also marks the western end of the 3,200 km E5 European long distance path to Venice in Italy.

The "La Vieille" lighthouse can be clearly seen from the headland.

Although it is not quite the westernmost extent of France—that would be Pointe de Corsen, just[clarification needed] to the north—its rocky isolation makes it a popular tourist destination, comparable in some ways to Land's End in the southern UK.

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