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  • Chet Zar (born 1967), American artist; son of James Zar
  • Heather Zar (born ?), South African pediatrician, respiratory specialist, writer, and professor
  • Ibn Abi Zar (died between 1310 and 1320), Moroccan historian and poet; presumed author of the medieval history of Morocco, Rawd al-Qirtas
  • James Zar (1941–2015), American artist; father of Chet Zar
  • Jerrold Zar (born 1941), American biologist and professor
  • Lwi Zar (born 1976), Burmese politician
  • Mordechai Zar (1914–1982), Israeli politician
  • Moshe Zar (born 1938), Israeli settlement leader and religious Zionist
  • Paul Zar (born 1967), American bobsledder and Olympic competitor
  • Pe Thein Zar (1943–2018), Burmese-born Australian student leader, lawyer, revolutionary and freedom fighter, and writer
  • Rose Zar (1922–2001), a Polish Holocaust survivor, human rights activist, and author
  • Sarah Zar (born ?), American visual and performance artist, musician, songwriter, and writer

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